Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Henry Immortalized in Watercolors

Henry shall live on! Forever! He is now immortalized and embedded in watercolor paper.
Because I love him so, I painted him balancing on the suet feeder cage from the post a week ago or so. I sprayed the background with a misting water bottle sprayer, so that it was a little "out of focus" and Henry was able to come in loud and clear.

I love the patch of red on his head. Do you know Emeril, the cooking guy chef? Do you know how he says, "BAM!" When he throws in some spice?" Well, that is exactly what I said when I painted the red male trait part of Henry's head!

Anyway, I'm pleased at how he turned out. If I wasn't, I would have said so!
Henry is available for sale by clicking here.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Turkey Day tomorrow! Enjoy it with your family and friends.
Happy Thanksgiving!