Sunday, November 25, 2007

Nature Sculpture

This is a life size nature sculpture done by artist Patrick Dougherty. It is on exhibit at the Morton Arboretum until the end of this year and it is as much fun as it looks!
This life size twig house isn't just for kids but for us big people too. You can run in and out of the rooms and nobody will laugh at you. It is expected you regress in age the minute you step in and play as if you were 10 again.

Here is what the ceiling looks like inside, a big hole! I mean, natural skylight...where is my imagination! Perhaps it is a portal to the stars? Who knows maybe it is where the smoke escapes when cooking inside?

Here are the inside walls, there are many windows and places to hide. If only it were in my backyard!
It took Patrick Dougherty 3 weeks to build and used 3 semi-trailer loads of 15 different kinds of small trees and shrubs . WOW, that's a lot of work!