Monday, June 16, 2008

New Site

This site has moved!

Please visit

Because I've merged my art web site and nature blog into one location! Yeah!
I'm also going to try and post more step-by-step painting processes from my hiking adventures.

Please make the move with me!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mourning Colors

Remember this photo? This is a mourning dove resting on a branch outside my window.
I love his pose. That's what mourning doves do. They flop on a branch and leisurely look around. They take their time and just chill.

Sometimes I need to just chill. I know so many other people that also would benefit from just chilling. LOL.

Here is my interpretation of Mr. Mourning Dove chillin' on his branch, happy as a bird on a branch could be, in all his colors!
This watercolor is 9x12. I let loose once again and assigned colors that aren't realistic.
He likes it that way.
So do I!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tiny Mushroom Forest

In my backyard, I have a corner designated as a little rock garden. Ever since I was young, I've had a rock collection. Oh how I love different color rocks, pieces of the earth in every imaginable color!
Anyway, to give my rock corner some interest I have added a tree stump to add height in this area. On this stump I sometimes add bird seed for the birds to feast upon.
Look what I found growing on top of my tree stump.....

Ohhh, it's my own mushroom forest!

Now, I don't like to eat them as you might know, but I sure do thing they're pretty interesting!
I counted at least 17. There may be more growing in the crack! Isn't that amazing? I only wish I placed a penny next to the mushrooms so you can get a better perspective of how tiny these guys were!

Amazing things come in small packages!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Paintings in Bank Lobby

I've been invited to hang 7 of my painting at Prospect Federal Bank in Oak Lawn, Illinois!
They are hanging in the lobby, behind the tellers, and also in a few offices.

Weeee! Whooo Hoooo!

Here is a list of the paintings:

Waterfall Glen 18x24
Copper Falls, Wisconsin 20x16
Deep Forest Secret 16x20
Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe 23x14
Dancing Shadows 11x14
Wind Swept, California 11x14
January - Morton Arboretum 16x20

The paintings will be on display and for sale for all of June and July.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Kingfisher Fun

Nice picture, but what are we looking at?

Look! It's our friend Mr. Kingfisher!

Isn't he cute? Well, actually he was more interesting than cute.
I hope everyone gets the opportunity to watch a Kingfisher's antics. I spotted this one above a small lake at Spears Woods. For you locals: From the parking lot, take the black trail to the red, turn left. When the red trail ends take the yellow trail south....only a few yards and you'll see the lake on your right hand side.
Mr. Kingfisher is amazing to watch! First, he perches himself on a tree branch and watches the water. What he is doing is trying to spot fish under the water. Next he flies above the water in one spot and hovers. He really hovers! In one spot! Then, the exciting part.....he dives head first into the water and disappears for a few heart stopping moments. If he's lucky, he flies from beneath the water with a fish! If he's unlucky, he tries again. Lucky for me, cause I get to see it again!

Oh how much fun I had watching this!

Here is the lake he was trying to fish at:

and this is just a really cool picture. Composition rocks, this may become a painting one day!

I love that yellow, whatever you call it, weed or wildflower! Yes, I see a painting in the making!!!

Nature KICKS BUTT!!!