Sunday, June 1, 2008

Kingfisher Fun

Nice picture, but what are we looking at?

Look! It's our friend Mr. Kingfisher!

Isn't he cute? Well, actually he was more interesting than cute.
I hope everyone gets the opportunity to watch a Kingfisher's antics. I spotted this one above a small lake at Spears Woods. For you locals: From the parking lot, take the black trail to the red, turn left. When the red trail ends take the yellow trail south....only a few yards and you'll see the lake on your right hand side.
Mr. Kingfisher is amazing to watch! First, he perches himself on a tree branch and watches the water. What he is doing is trying to spot fish under the water. Next he flies above the water in one spot and hovers. He really hovers! In one spot! Then, the exciting part.....he dives head first into the water and disappears for a few heart stopping moments. If he's lucky, he flies from beneath the water with a fish! If he's unlucky, he tries again. Lucky for me, cause I get to see it again!

Oh how much fun I had watching this!

Here is the lake he was trying to fish at:

and this is just a really cool picture. Composition rocks, this may become a painting one day!

I love that yellow, whatever you call it, weed or wildflower! Yes, I see a painting in the making!!!

Nature KICKS BUTT!!!